Treevolution Scotland


Can I pay for courses using my credit or debit card?

Yes, we use WorldPay as our secure payments partner.

Do you accept ILA vouchers?

No, we are currently not an ILA provider

What is the minimum age to attend courses?

16 years old.

Do you provide the equipment required on training courses?


Yes, we can provide chainsaws (both aerial and ground type) free of charge, although you may use your own as long as it complies with Health and Safety standards.

Powered Pole Pruners:

Yes, we can provide pole pruners free of charge, although you may use your own as long as it complies with Health and Safety standards.



No, you must provide your own Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) . Personal means personal, unfortunately  we cannot stock boots, helmets and clothing to fit all shapes and sizes. In addition you will feel more comfortable wearing equipment that fits you well.

Climbing Equipment:

We can provide hire of climbing equipment, however we strongly advise that you provide your own kit .There are three main reasons for this:

  • It is more beneficial to train using the equipment that you will ultimately use in your job.
  • You will feel more comfortable using your own kit during the NPTC assessment.
  • You cannot, in any case, use the skills that you have learned on your training course without this equipment.

When does the NPTC assessment take place?

This is dependent on the availability of the independent NPTC assessors. Typically assessments do NOT take place on Saturday or Sunday. We will attempt to satisfy the needs of all trainees in setting the assessment date. In the event that an attendee can't attend the assessment date for the training group, we will fit them in to a mutually acceptable date as soon as possible.


Do NPTC Qualifications expire after a time?

Currently no, although the legislation is in the process of being changed. Some employers look for evidence of recent skills usage. If, for example, you have your Basic Chainsaw, Fell and Process Small Trees  and have not practiced for a year or two it might be useful to take another course such as Trees over 380mm to show employers recent evidence of skills.


What are the NVQ Levels for Treevolution Courses ?

Our Chainsaw Maintenance & operational Fell & process Small trees / Chainsaw Maintenance & Cross Cutting  and Manually Fed Wood Chipper courses are at NVQ level2. All our other courses are at NVQ level 3.